Sustainability Efforts 


Hotel Zephyr realizes that the world is a small place in which we all inhabit.  We strive to help make a difference in our community and to the overall environment.


The following sustainability efforts help us reduce our negative impact on our environment.


green office

Hotel Zephyr is doing its part in preserving the environment by consuming less resources and avoiding toxic waste, i.e. keeping digital files on computers and mobile devices, not file cabinets and reviewing digital documents on-screen, rather than printing them out. 


To date, the hotel help saved 398 trees, 9,648 lbs air pollution, 114,252 gallons of water, 50.25 cubic yards of landfill, 6,246 gallons of gasoline and 66,994 kilowatt hours of energy.


Energy Conservation

98% of hotel lighting is provided by LED lights.

Energy saving thermostats are installed in every guestroom.



Our goal is simple…minimize waste while maximizing diversion/ recycling

We proudly achieve a 75% diversion rate on a regular basis.



We compost our food waste to divert food from landfills.


Limit Water Waste

The Hotel installed low flow shower heads and toilets, as well as sink aerators to greatly reduce water waste on a daily basis.


Ditch Disposables

We offer natural and organic toiletries in bulk dispensers to cut back on needless waste.


Guest Linens

We offer a linen reuse program to reduce water and energy waste.


Eco-Friendly Filtered Water Dispensers

Point-of-use filtered water machines are available on every floor to serve water and reduce use of plastic water bottle waste.



  • 63% of our properties have a sustainability coordinator or green champion
  • 80% of our properties have meeting rooms with digital thermostats
  • 98% of our properties have a preventative maintenance plan that checks building energy and water equipment at least quarterly
  • 61% of our properties have a water efficiency program
  • 94% of our properties have faucets with low-flow aerators to conserve water
  • 48% of our properties have eliminated single-use plastics (or reduced to an absolute minimum) from the property
  • 74% of our properties have eliminated plastic straws
  • 65% of our properties have implemented a food waste prevention strategy
  • Nearly $19 million invested on environmental initiatives



Pebblebrook Hotel Trust (“Pebblebrook”) strongly supports AHLA’s 5-Star Promise. Our pledge to AHLA complements the practices and policies in-place by our company and our hotel operating partners which are designed to ensure that the hotel employees at our more than 50 owned hotels across the United States abide by the law, respect individual’s rights, and do not tolerate sexual harassment of any type at our properties. We have dedicated a significant amount of resources to assist our hotel operators with sexual harassment awareness training and avoidance programs, in addition to training and resources to prevent human trafficking. We will continue to engage with our hotel operators to provide the resources to further assist them in ensuring the safety of our hotel employees and our guests. Pebblebrook is committed to funding the purchase of hotel employee safety devices for use at all of our owned hotels by the end of 2020, as well as to provide funding for additional training and education programs on sexual harassment and human trafficking at our corporate level and our hotel properties. Through our pledge to the 5-Star Promise, Pebblebrook intends to contribute to positive, industry-wide improvements to continue to make hotels a safe place for all our employees and guests. Learn More